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Lal Kitab Remedies For Enemies
Lal Kitab Remedies For Enemies

Astrological Remedies For Enemies

Astrological Remedies For Enemies or totka for getting rid of enemies faster can be use destruction of enemies in vedic astrology. Use our lal kitab remedies for enemies.

It is not necessarily what you think about some people near you is the same as you think. May be that people have bad thoughts for you or have planned to harm you. There are two faces people always either they are closer to you or unknown person. It is all up to you to be aware of yourself and get the astrological remedies to remove enemies from your life.

Lal Kitab Remedies For Enemies
Lal Kitab Remedies For Enemies

Being kind to everyone is good, but you also have to be aware of your enemies. Through some powerful astrology remedies, you can remove enemies before they hurt you. It will be best for you if you have planned to stop the unnecessary hates and harm from your enemies. The astrological remedies for enemies will be helpful for you to get rid of it. Our mantra for enemy problem will fully resolve enemy problems in your life.

Here are some astrology remedies for enemies that have been mentioned below for your betterment.

  • On Monday or Saturday, you need to wear Shammi tree beads around your neck, which should interlock through red or black colored thread.
  • Chant the “Auma Hraeema” Mantra for 108 times by wearing yellow clothes and sitting on a yellow mat to remove enemies.
  • Dip parchment paper in hone container after writing your enemies name on paper and write bt using red sandalwood.
  • Recite the Hanuman Chalisa every day by offering jaggery to Lord Hanuman, and he will protect you from your enemy.
  • Mix uncooked 38 grains of urad dal and 40 grains of rice and then immerse in-ground and extract the lemon on that. Chant the name of your enemy while doing all this.

Totka For Getting Rid of Enemies Faster

Totka For Getting Rid of Enemies Faster, If you want to be free from the enemy in your life by stopping them, then this totka will be proved the best solution for you. To protect yourself from the enemy whom you know and stop them before any harm action by them. If you realized that it would be difficult for you to fight with them, then this process will be perfect for you.

You will get rid of enemies faster through the totka. Once you prefer it, then no trouble and difficulties you will get through your enemy. This will all happen with your enemies. You should also contact the expert astrologer who will provide you the best service to get rid out of enemies.

|| Saarvaabaaaadhaaaapraashmaanaah Traailokyaasyaaaaaakhileshwaari aavaamev Tvaayaaaa Kaaaaryaamaasmdvaairi Vinaaaashnaam ||

The mantra has specified above will be helpful for you to get rid of enemies. Start to Chant this mantra for 108 times for constant seven days from Saturday night for effective results. Even some totka for getting rid of enemies faster also specified such as

  • On Tuesday, you have to take chappati in your hand and bend it around your head for seven times and offer that chappati to cow to rid of the enemy.
  • Pray to the Lord Hanuman by offering him jaggary and chanting the Bajrang Baan.

Destruction of Enemies In Vedic Astrology

Destruction of Enemies In Vedic Astrology, Vedic Astrology is a form of planets and other heavenly body activities that impact on person’s life. It is an ancient Hindu scripture. By the use of zodiac signs and planet positions as per Vedic astrology, the enemy can be destroyed.

And if you want to destruct your enemies, then go with the Vedic astrology for effective results. If you don’t want enemies strong than yourself and want to defeat them, so this is a great solution for you. If you want read destruction of enemies in hindi then read it from here दुश्मन का नाश करने के उपाय.

The 6th place of horoscope is used to search the enemy bearings in your life. When the 6th place of horoscope has affection, that means you are surrounded by an enemy who is going to attack on you. You have to be safe by using some Vedic astrology techniques.

The destruction of enemies in Vedic Astrology have mentioned below.

  • To destroy the enemy, you have to use ‘Shatrunashak Prayog.’
  • The correct gemstones will also be good for you if you wear it to demolish your enemy from your life.
  • Do proper offer endowment to disadvantageous planets to make it cool down.
  • Locate some specified Siddha Yantras such as Mahakaliyantra, Durga yantra, shatru Nasha yantra etc. at your home to be saved from enemy issues.
  • Through also preferring the ‘Tabij,’ you will be protected from enemy problems, and they will be destructed.
  • The special types of Utara will also be protected for yourself from enemies.

Lal Kitab Remedies For Enemies

Lal Kitab Remedies For Enemies, If you are so conscious about you and your family to save from the eyes of enemies, so get rid of it as soon as possible. Every obstacle will be removed from your life if the enemy will be destructed. Most of the people prefer the Lal Kitab remedies for enemies. Through this, you can remove the needless hurdle from your life.

Having enemies in life can create bad situations all time, which distracts you meanwhile you become incapacitated. So, before any harm in your life through enemies, get rid of it and follow up on the specific remedies. Astrology always has the best solutions for you and one of the best remedy is Lal Kitab which eliminate the enemies from your life. Even your enemies will turn into friends, and relations will become strong.

There are few Lal Kitab remedies for enemies have specified below for you

  • Keep chanting the ‘Om Khyo Khyo Vairavaya Namah’ for 108 times every day and do it either at home or lord shiva temple.
  • To destroy the enemies, chant the holy ‘GAYATRI MANTRA’ for 108 times every day in the morning after taking a bath. Also, worship to Maa Ganga at least once a week.
  • For winning over enemies, you have to do worship of Maa Durga on the day of Amavasya after taking a bath at 11 PM. Do offer the Ma Durga, Red Sharee, Red Hibiscus, Red Sandalwood, Kasor/ Safron, And Milk Made sweets after wearing clean and washed cloth. Worship to her by sitting in the east direction on kush and keep any items of Suhaga. For 108 times, Chant the mantra, ‘Om Hiring Kring Kring Kring Maa Vadrakalivayai Namah’

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