Black Magic Removal Mantra 5/5 (6)

Black Magic Removal Mantra
Black Magic Removal Mantra

Black Magic Removal Mantra

Black Magic Removal Mantra or hanuman mantra to remove black magic also called durga mantra to remove black magic. You can use our remove black magic by lemon to erase black magic.

Black magic is known for its unique nature to give loss and trouble to others. It is also known as a magic spell, hex, jadoo, tona-totka, kala jadu, and voodoo or curses. They are used by the evils who want to win over others by hook or by crook. If someone masters this art, he is a cap[able to destroy other people’s life.

Black Magic Removal Mantra
Black Magic Removal Mantra

Black magic applies in cases when you want the truth from others. They can also be used in collapsing other businesses, win cases, and many more. Symptoms of black magic are easily seen as the victim bear frequently loses without his mistakes.

The black magic removal mantra belongs to the powerful lords such as Hanuman, Durga, Shiva, and Maa Kali. These mantras are so powerful that they can quickly suppress and evil powers upon you. So you can use these mantras if you feel that someone might have cast an evil spell on you.

These evil spells are the source of a person’s jealousy and hatred coming from people. Some people who cannot see other people’s happiness use this way to suppress others.

Following these mantras regularly and with full devotion can save you and your family from such mean people. We all know very well that if it is evil there will also be a savior.

Hanuman Mantra To Remove Black Magic

Hanuman Mantra To Remove Black Magic, In case you are in trouble and looking for a hanuman mantra to remove black magic. They are readily available in many of the religious books and also with expert Astrologers.

One of the powerful mantras is the shabar mantra for the removal of black magic. These Shabar mantras are very powerful set of mantras similar to hanuman mantra. There are also dhumavati mantra and bhairav mantra; they too are powerful and effective.

People use the most powerful hanuman mantra to get rid of the negative energy. The power of these mantras has the capabilities to make your surroundings to fill with purity. For the people who are dealing with the problem of Griha Kalesh, they can also use them.

Reciting this mantra will give your home blessings of the Hanuman, and thus you will live peacefully and happy. In the case of Dhumavati mantra the procedure is a little bit different.

Firstly you have to sit on a black mat facing in the south direction. Then take a wooden plank covered with a black cloth. On it, you have to place Ugra Dhumvati Yantra

After this, offer Kajal to it and chant “Dhum Dhum Dhumvati Tantra Badham Stambhay Nashay Tha Tha” for 65 times. After this, you have to throw that mantra into the river and thus all the evil effects will be out from your home.

The grace of your home will continue for a long time. You can also chant four rosaries of the dhumvati mantra in your daily prayers. Following the above procedure can give you safety from the black magic.

Durga Mantra To Remove Black Magic

Durga Mantra To Remove Black Magic, If due to any problems, you need a powerful Durga mantra to remove black magic. You can try these. They work great on females as she is the most powerful Goddess and a powerful woman supporter.

Many times it happens in life that people are jealous of others by admiring their personal and professional life. Some people are also suspicious of others by their happiness or beauty.

Such obsessed people who cannot compete with your standards no matter they try hard. Lose their hope and use the power of black magic to suppress or destroy others. They will try to hurt you, and they do not care how good you are. They want to win from you.

So to save yourself from such people, you can use the Durga mantra. For this, you have to make a circle around you. The circle indicates the safety zone in which you have to sit.

The circle can be made with the help of ash or salt whichever you find at ease. Now chant “Nadee Chaaya Paleekedee Manginubee Hattee Mithaachii Vaatii Drussthh Payavarr Utarr ekaayaa Ghosshtee.”

Also, remember, at the end of this mantra you have to pray and take blessing from the Lord Hanuman. Hanuman is believed to be one of the most powerful lords who can deal with evil powers. So following this procedure you can get rid of the black magic spell that is over you. You will surely see the difference in you the very next day.

Remove Black Magic By Lemon

Remove Black Magic By Lemon, There are many ways through which you can rid of the evil effects of black magic. Thus remove black magic by lemon is also one of the effective methods.

You should know that lemons play an important role in the application of black magic. It is also a well-proven fact that lemon combine with rice is the important indigents to cast black magic on someone successfully.

Lemon is considered as a useful element in the procedure to activate a black magic curse on someone. Using lemons for such people does an effective job in less time. So if you want to suppress someone’s black magic, using lemon will prove advantageous to you. For this, you have to follow the below mention procedure.

On a Monday evening, you have to take a black chicken along with lemon and have to move it clockwise on the affected person. The process should continue to cover from head to toe of the person and nine times.

After the procedure leaves the black chicken and the lemon on the street that is far from your home while going them, never look back at them and return fast to your home and close the door. You can also chant any of the holy prayers while returning to home to create confidence in you.

The process indicates that the black magic vanishes with the black chicken and the lemon and is far from your home. They will never return. Soon the next day you will observe positive effects on the affected person.

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