Astrological Remedies For Love Problems 5/5 (14)

Astrological Remedies For Love Problems
Astrological Remedies For Love Problems

Astrological Remedies For Love Problems

Astrological Remedies For Love Problems or for attraction can be called astrology remedies to get your love back. Use our astro remedies to convert love into marriage.

How Can I Make My Love Successful?

Almost everyone wishes to get a love life successful because this feeling brings a lot of happiness in life. If you have everything in your life except love, then you can face the issues like depression and cheerless situation. You try everything to make your love life perfect. But sometimes relation becomes weak, and it ends up with a breakup.

Astrological Remedies For Love Problems
Astrological Remedies For Love Problems

If you are in a dilemma about removing the trouble coming in your way of love, then there are astrological remedies for love problems, and you should try it to save your love life before it ends. Overall, the happiness and success will be around you—the astrological remedies for love problems prescribed below.

  • Girls should try this remedy in which you have to keep fasts on 16 Mondays. You have to do worship to lord shiva on every Monday of ‘SolahSomvar.’ Through this fasts, you will be blessed with the desired husband.
  • Do believe in Gauri Shankar Rudraksha and wear it. The benefit of this rudraksha is that you will get love as you desire.
  • To make a relationship strong, couples must have to meet on full moon day.
  • Offer the flute to your nearby lord Krishna temple if you want to win the heart of the person you love.
  • Keep a lit up Diya in the south-west corner of your home in the name of your loved one.
  • You will be so closer to your love if you will chant the mantra “Om LakshminarayanaNamaha” 3 times in front of Maa Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu for constant three months. Chant this mantra with a crystal bead rosary of 108 beads.

Astrology Remedies To Get Your Love Back

Astrology Remedies To Get Your Love Back, Love should not disappear from the life of any human being. It should always remain the same at any of the ages. It is the responsibility of both people to maintain the love life perfect, but certain misunderstanding can create issues between love of them. So, in that situation, you decide to leave your beloved person without solving an issue.

But you haven’t lost the chance; you still can try to get your love back before it gets destroyed forever. You must try astrological remedies to get your love back. The understanding and loyalty will improve in between you, and your love and strengthens in your love will regain.

Here are some astrological remedies to get your love back specified below for you

  • Do the worship of Venus, who is considered as the god of love.
  • The relationship problems will solve if you will wear a diamond and opal.
  • You can make a good solution if you will keep a rabbit at your home and fed them by your hands.
  • Lost love can be back by doing Rudra Abhishek with honey to lord shiva.
  • Go with the different colored clothes and things day-wise like wear yellow clothes on Thursday, white clothes on Friday, and green bangles on Thursday, and only girls can do this.
  • Make your love life successful by worshiping to the moon planet.

Astrological Remedies For Attraction

Astrological Remedies For Attraction, Attraction feeling is considered as one-sided love from one person towards another person. Still, if you want the same feeling from the person you are attracted to, it becomes both sided love. You always wish to attract the person you love. So for that solution, the astrological remedies for attraction will be so helpful for you.

It is an effective solution for you if you will give your complete effort on this. As you want in your life about love and attraction will become successful. All you have to do follow the simple astrological remedies for attraction if you want to attract the person you love—these astrological remedies, as specified below. Now solve your love problems within some time by asking solution from our love marriage problem solution astrologer.

  • Your attraction will influence people if you chant the Sri Suktam forms part of appendices to the Rig Veda.
  • With the person you are attracted to will also attract you when you start keeping fast on Fridays. Venus leads Friday.
  • You can attract the person you want through using their clothes, two white candles, a red ink pen, a half-meter red ribbon, one coconut, and one tablespoon of salt. Gather all these things and keep your beloved’s cloth between the candles. Place the red ribbon tied coconut on the cloth of your loved one. After that, you have to chant the mantra “KaluMuhDhodarKaru Salaam Mere Nan SurmaBasse Jo Nirkhe So PayanPade Goal AajamDastgar Ki Duhai” for 108 times while taking salt on your right hand.

Astro Remedies To Convert Love Into Marriage

Astro Remedies To Convert Love Into Marriage, If you love someone truly and wanting him/her to be the life partner, so few problems like family and society comes in front of your love. In such a situation, you request to your parents to make them agree, but no change comes in their decision, and you get tired of requesting to them.

In that case, the Astro remedies for converting love into marriage will bring a lot of benefits for your love. It is such a powerful and helpful remedies, which will remove your love marriage issues. Your parents will allow you to get marry with your loved one if you prefer these Astro remedies to convert love into marriage. The remedies, as mentioned below, which you must have to follow.

  • The girl should have to offer red chunni, sindoor, bangles, and other suhaag items to the lord Shiva and Paravati to get marry with the love of her life.
  • To get marry with your loved one or suitable life partner, you have to start keeping the fast on 16 Mondays consecutive. Most importantly, do follow the proper procedure of fasting 16 Mondays.
  • You can also try the vashikaran mantra to convert love into marriage. This vashikaran mantra will remove obstacles coming in the way of your love marriage. The mantra is “Oom Gauripatiye Mahadevaye Mam Ischiet Vara Shigraa Atishigraa Praptyarthama Gaurayiee Namaha.” You need to chant this mantra for 108 times with rudraksha mala. Pray to the god while chanting this mantra.

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