Palm Reading For Business Success 5/5 (8)

Palm Reading For Business Success
Palm Reading For Business Success

Palm Reading For Business Success

Palm Reading For Business Success or business success line in palmistry can be called as billionaire line palmistry. We will provide you successful businessman hand palmistry by help of our experienced palmist.

Hard work, as the key to success, is an overrated virtue. In addition to hard work, palm lines also determine the degree of success and failure in business venture. Palmistry is science related to reading subject’s hand or palm. Further, it includes reading arm, finger, and fingernail.

Palm Reading For Business Success
Palm Reading For Business Success

Palm reading has been in practice since ages. This is one of the most accurate ways of making predictions. A professional palmist can read hand’s lines with accuracy. However, only an experienced palmist is worth trusting for business-related forecasts.

‘Dhana moolam Idam Jagath”. In other words, the entire world revolves around money. This is because money is essential to lead a life full of luxury. Palm lines determine if a person can enjoy an abundant life or would lead a life of misery and poverty.

Palmist assets left hand is passive hand. Its palm tells the root cause of every incidence in life. However, the right side, as an active. It showcases the present scenario and what probably would be future of person.

Right-handed people earning livelihood get their right hand-checked for confirming business success. On the other hand, dependents get their left hand checked for the predictions of success.

If the person is left-handed, rules are reversed for consulting. But to conclude detailed study of both hands is necessary. It gives more accurate predictions.

Business Success Line In Palmistry

Business Success Line In Palmistry, The index finger can determine business success lines in palm. However, palmist refers this finger as Jupiter’s finger.

The area below Jupiter’s finger on the palm is the mount of Jupiter. It determines person’s leadership qualities and power management capabilities. This mount determines person’s social respectability.

Good-bouncing and well developed Jupiter mount with the long Jupiter finger means impressive leadership qualities. Businessman with such palm has powerful management abilities.

They can deal with stressful situations with calm composure and balanced mind. Because of their social status, these are highly respected.

Rules For Palm Reading For Business Success

  • Cross on the mount of Jupiter indicates a very successful teaching career or business venture. Hence, these people usually become software engineers, tax consultants, career consultants, MBAs, or more.
  • The up-facing triangle on the mount of Jupiter means a person to be highly educated professionals like CEOs of multinationals, etc.
  • The downward-facing triangle signifies being on the higher post of educational institutions or organizations, etc. Although, the success would be accompanied by an inability to retain the position for a more extended period.
  • If the Index finger is longer than the ring finger, it means exceptional managerial qualities.

What Chinese Palmistry Rules Have To Say?

According to Chinese palmistry, people with soft and fat palm get to enjoy honor and wealth quickly. People with thin and hard palm are not destined to be productive.

Red spots of blood scattered in two palms of a person symbolizes wealth. Chinese palmists call the red-spotted palm as ‘liver palm.’

Successful Businessman Hand Palmistry

Successful Businessman Hand Palmistry, Single lines or signs on palm can assure success in business. Firstly, there is no sign of net on the mount of Mercury of successful businessman. Secondly, little finger called a finger of Mercury is bit longer in the palm.

The headline of their palm is straight and clear.  There is well-developed mount of Mercury. Usually, thumb of well-established businessman is straight. However, a slight backward inclined is icing on the cake.

To be a great businessman, the person should have any line coming from the headline towards the mount of Mercury. These businessmen fetch good fortune with their efforts. They led a happy and prosperous life earned by their hard work.

Good Palmistry Signs On Victorious Businessman Hand

All the fingers in the hand of a businessman are more significant than the palm. This indicates s/he would be very successful and progressive.

They can gain name and fame in the society without putting in too much hard effort. Also, these people scale new height of success in profession or any business. As a result, palmistry considers these hands as businessman’s hands.

Fingertips of his/her hand are little square in shape, showing a practical, sensible and trustworthy attitude. There is slight redness on the tips. The length of fingertips is longer than average. These are indicators of the innovative, dynamic and inspirational attributes.

Billionaire Line Palmistry

Billionaire Line Palmistry, Renowned palmists claim that there are no particular signs or lines on the hands that can assure the person being a billionaire or millionaire in the future.

However, a palmist checks a few lucky signs that indicate the subject would be a wealthy and successful business personality.

According To Palmistry Signs of A Billionaire

  • Usually, the form of the palm is square, and fingers are extended.
  • Very importantly, the second section of all fingers is long.
  • Well marked sun line starts from the bottom of the middle of the palm. It ends on the mount of sun. This indicates great riches and money for business personalities.
  • Moreover, all the major head, heart, and lifelines are clear and without any breaks or bad signs.
  • Line of mercury is clear, deep, and goes to mount of mercury.
  • Middle bones of fingers are thick and long, suggesting deep interest in making money.
  • The mount of the moon at the base of the palm and the Venus reflected by the ball of the thumb are firm and free of lines.
  • Last but not the least, joining the mount of Saturn, there is branch of line on palm from Mercury line.

Rules For Palm Reading For Business Success In General

Fortunate signs like Raj Yog and Laxmiyog in the palm forecast a person’s riches and wealth.These lines are studied in association with the fate line. The long and straight fate line starts from the bottom of the middle of the palm.

This line ends on the mount of Saturn. It indicates continuous prosperity and monetary gains. However, there should not be any breaks or lousy lines on the fate line. Additionally, the hand’s skin texture is slightly course, implying good health and hardiness.

Property Yog In Palmistry

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