Death Prediction In Palmistry 5/5 (12)

Death Prediction In Palmistry
Death Prediction In Palmistry

Death Prediction In Palmistry

Death Prediction In Palmistry, You call it morbid fascination, but people do look for it: About their death. Palmistry is a very well known technique through which one can know about his/her death prediction.

Some people look at the end as a milestone crossed. We, either way, don’t know what happens after death. So as life has presented us with all the ups and downs.

Death Prediction In Palmistry
Death Prediction In Palmistry

It has good and bad. So maybe, death too can bring us something similar to its flavor. Everyone has their perspective to look at death.

But one thing is for sure, due to Palmistry, we can take a peep into what could be next. There isn’t a certainty of death. But there are indeed are some clues, hints through which we can predict.

Palmistry helps us to understand the nature of death, the cause of death that would occur. It also helps us to get suggestions about when our date with death would take place. There are so many secrets hidden in our fist. All we need is the right techniques to find them out.

There have been many legends in the field of Palmistry. One of those legends is Noel Joaquin. According to him, the nature of our ridges on our hands tend to show some clues about life-threatening disease.

So if you have any fear about such diseases or you want to know whether your loved ones have something like that in their future, you might want to have a closer look at the palm.

Sudden death is more shocking and sorrowful. Humans always fear the unexpected, unknown and abrupt pain. Palmistry might have some answers about sudden death predictions. There are many horizontal, vertical bars on our palm. Some are deep; some are shallow.

They also sometimes have a particular type of arrangement. There is no format. But if we could recognize the pattern, then it can help for the death prediction.

If you want to know about sudden fatal accidents death then you might want to look out for, Danger Points in Palmistry. These danger points can be recognized when there is a cross-section of deep and broad lines.

This cross-section should not be of more than two lines. This danger spot consists of a straight line. So if any cross-section matches this description but lines make a curve, then you can chill. But if these lines again meet at another point, then it does indicate the same phenomenon as what straight lines would otherwise.

If a 3rd line touches the danger spot, then it means something else. It says, the person would have sudden death but would not suffer much pain. And at least one person would know about their death in advance.

If any of the straight lines are inside a curved line at the end then according to Palmistry prediction, this cured line somehow acts as a protector, and the danger spot no longer serves as a prediction for sudden death prediction.

Palmistry says, if a person has a natural bump in the middle of their palm then one can predict that the person’s death cause would be genetic.

This bump should not have any line crossing over it. Now, this bump has to be there since the birth of the person and not a result of any illness, or injury.

If there is a deeper canal-like structure seen at the joints of the forefinger and middle finger, then it predicts the death due to respiratory problems. So either person could suffer from any respiratory disease, or maybe its respiratory system might damage which could result in his grave.

Also, death due to suffocation which includes smoke inhalation, sinking in water, lack of oxygen in the air could also be prediction due to the presence of this canal.

There are lines of the finger joints from the inside. Even these lines could help in the prediction of the cause of one’s death. According to Palmistry, the number of lines on your little finger’s (pinky finger) middle joint predicts your death by homicide. More the number of lines, more significant are the chances that someone will murder you.

Lumps precisely at the bottom of your fingers are also called as Islands in Palmistry. If the piece at the base of your ring finger is more prominent and taller than the island of any other thumb then, your partner could be the reason for your death. Consciously or unconsciously he/she would be the cause of your death.

There is one more sign in Palmistry regarding death prediction with a means of suicide. There have to be two lines. Lines have to be parallel to the base of your palm, i.e. wrist.

The path towards the bottom has to be thinner than the road away from the bottom. Upper should go all the way through your palm on both the sides whereas lower lines should touch neither of the hands of your palm.

It has to end before it reaches to any of the hands. And there should be no single lump between both the lines. If this is the situation on a person’s palm as exactly described, then you can safely predict that the person himself/herself would decide his/her death.

The web of lines on the palms has some prediction about your death. It predicts the death by infectious germs. It could be any disease which spreads and infects people.

The denser the web is, the higher are the chances of dying by infection. For many people, it is shocking to know that a secret study done by a small group of students practicing palmistry has confirmed it.

They studied the palms of dead patients who died due to HIV/AIDS. They found an exceptionally dense web of lines on each patients hand. Hopefully, none of the student’s palms had that much thick networks.

The subject of Palmistry is evolving at a much faster rate than ever. Many students under the guidance of experts are doing multiple studies and surveys to find out more secrets that are hidden inside our fists.

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