Second Marriage Prediction by Palmistry 5/5 (1)

Second Marriage Prediction by Palmistry
Second Marriage Prediction by Palmistry

Second Marriage Prediction by Palmistry

Second Marriage Prediction by Palmistry
Second Marriage Prediction by Palmistry

As much as astrology relies on an individual’s horoscope to analyse and predict that person’s future, the palm of an individual is also used to read and predict certain aspects of the person’s life, nature and so on. This is also a science and is known as Palmistry. Palmistry is still being practiced in countries like India.  There are learned and experienced palmists who can take a close look at a person’s palm of the hand and immediately spell out the person’s past present and future. That is how second marriage prediction by Palmistry is done too.

More Details on Palmistry as a Science

As you are aware, the latest smartphones are being marketed on the fingerprint sensing technology. Phones which used facial identification have found that the process can be cheated while fingerprint cannot be played with. Even otherwise, fingerprints are used extensively in forensics and crime detection as well. All these point to only one factor and that is that each individual has a unique set of fingerprints. This is the basic premise on which Palmistry also works. If you can understand this and allow a good palmist to read your palm, he or she will be able to tell you a lot about yourself, your life, marriage etc. And that is precisely the way the second marriage prediction by Palmistry is made possible.

Lines on the Palms Indicate Many Things

If you take a close look at your two palms, you will find lines in them that go in all directions. Each line there has some significance. Looking through the naked eye may not reveal much. You will need a good magnifying glass to study the lines in the palms. Palmists always carry a magnifying glass. Palmistry has evolved through centuries and is even taught as a subject. The lines on one’s palms in both hands are given names. Some are called life lines, some love lines or heart lines and others health lines. There are marriage lines too.

The marriage lines can tell the palmist if the person will lead a successful married life. The palmist can also predict if there will be problems in the marriage and then if there is a chance of the individual marrying again. In the modern context, there are hundreds of thousands of people who seek divorce from their first marriage and both the man and the woman seek new partners and marry again. This marrying again obviously is the second marriage. This should not be confused with certain religions where more than one marriage is permitted. The second marriage prediction by Palmistry is purely according to what is permitted under law. That means, if you are married, you need to be legally divorced to go in for a second marriage. There are a few cases where the spouse may pass away and the person marries again.

How do the Lines Indicate Marriage?

The lines that run horizontally just below your little fingers on both hands are identified as the marriage line. Beyond just giving the palmist the insight into the person’s marriage prospects, the lines can tell about the love life as well.  These lines which run parallel can denote if someone will get married early or late. Similarly, there are specific lines that can confirm if the person will end up having a second marriage. Palmists look for these indications from both the hands before making the second marriage prediction by Palmistry.

Other Details You Must Know

If your interest in Palmistry has been aroused by reading these details, you can take some time more and learn the details about this science. Palmistry does not limit itself to the lines on the palms. In reality, the study of Palmistry in all its entirety is a broad subject. To start with, you must know which hand’s palm is to be read to know the future of the person. Is it the right hand or the left hand? In practice it may vary with the particular professional or expert, but for men it is usually the left hand and for women, the right-hand palm is studied to make the predictions. But there is really no hard and fast rule in this. Some experts recommend that if a person uses his or her left hand predominantly, then the left palm should be read, irrespective of the sex. You can leave it to the expert to take a call on this.

Second Marriage Prediction by Palmistry
Second Marriage Prediction by Palmistry

Now, not just the palms, the lines run through your fingers and there are two mounds on your palm one just below the origin of the thumb and another opposite that.  These mounds also matter while studying the palm, under Palmistry. The shape of the hands and the fingers even are expected to reflect certain personality traits of a person.

You will be left wondering how it is possible for God to create billions of creatures one different from the other.

It’s A Very Personal Affair

Unlike other forms of astrology or prediction about future, Palmistry is highly personal since you have to show your hands to a palmist yourself to know what the future holds for you. If you are young and have a lot of apprehensions of entering into married life, consult with a good palmist. You can boldly ask questions of the palmist to read your palms and the marriage lines and assure you how it will pan out. If everything looks good, then you can go back fully confident and sure and get married.

If you are having problems in your married life and would be keen to understand if you should get out of this relationship, you can ask the palmist to specifically tell you whether there is second marriage prediction by Palmistry. Thus, armed with this information, it becomes easier to go through the agony of a divorce and formal separation. But at least you will know there is light at the end of the tunnel and you can quickly complete the formalities and start looking for a new partner.

Palmistry will help you with this phase in life.

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