Astrology Remedies For Infertility 5/5 (5)

Astrology Remedies For Infertility
Astrology Remedies For Infertility

Astrology Remedies For Infertility

Astrology remedies for infertility or remedy for miscarriage in astrology can be called astrological remedies to get pregnant. We will provide you lal kitab remedies for fertility problems. There is various disease people suffer from, but some of the diseases can’t be cured easily. Childlessness is one of the diseases from which many people are still suffering. People search for every cure to get rid of this disease and fulfill the wish of becoming a parent.

Astrology Remedies For Infertility
Astrology Remedies For Infertility

Due to a lack of natural fertilization, the doctor treats the patient through an IVF solution known as a test-tube baby. But the ratio of this medical treatment is not enough for fertilization. It would help if you also went with the astrology remedies for infertility. It is one of the best cures, and many couples prefer these remedies.

Astrology remedy helps predict the lady’s monthly cycle’s exact date while fertilizing the egg through IVF. As per the horoscope of both husband and wife, fertilization should be planted in the lady’s body to generate seed through science. If the fifth house has the shadow of an inauspicious planet, it creates a problem for the couple to have a baby. This is Santana Gopal Mantra, through chanting this mantra; you will be blessed with the baby.

|| Om Shreeng Hreeng Kleeng Devki Satu Govind Vasudev Jagat Patey Dehi me tanayam krish twamaham saranam gatah ||

The astrology remedies for infertility have been stated here to help you get rid of it easily. You have to chant this mantra wisely. The effective result of this mantra will be in front of you.

Astrological Remedies To Get Pregnant

Astrological Remedies To Get Pregnant, Every woman wants to get the beautiful feeling of getting pregnant. Many women don’t get pregnant easily due to various reasons. It creates problems in their marital life—the couple wishes for a baby in their marital life without any problem. To get the solution to this problem, many couples search for astrological remedies to get pregnant.

You can conceive the baby without any obstacle if you have followed the complete method of astrology remedies. Baby conceiving will be successful, and you will live happily with your baby. Here are some astrological remedies to get pregnant given below.

  • You have to make a circle at Peepal/Bo/Sacred Fig Tree for a month and pray to the Lord Ganesha to increase Venus and Jupiter’s energy level.
  • Keep fast every Thursday, or you can donate yellow items such as bananas and lentils.
  • To imbalance the hormone, women should keep fast on Purnima and offer white flowers to the moon. They should also donate white items such as rice, sugar, salt, and milk.
  • To increase fertility, men should eat tulsi leaves and seeds and chant the “Om Namah Bhagvate Vasudevaya” mantra 108 times.
  • For sexual intercourse, the best time is morning Venus hour, and eat healthy and nutritious food before doing that.
  • Couples should sleep in a south-west direction to get a healthy child.

Lal Kitab Remedies For Fertility Problems

Lal Kitab Remedies For Fertility Problems, As per the Lal Kitab, the 5th house is the progeny house, and this 5th house is essential in creating progeny issues. To solve this issue, few Lal Kitab remedies will be helpful for you. It would help if you had to keep following the methods of using the remedies to get progeny.

Many people prefer Lal Kitab remedies for fertility problems, and as a result, they get the happiness of getting a child. Planet position in horoscope matters a lot in progeny case, and the astrology solution is the only way of removing the issues. Here are some Lal Kitab remedies for fertility problems listed below for you.

  • If your menstrual cycle is irregular, you have to take a glass bottle and cover it with orange cellophane for a remedy. Fill the water in a glass bottle and tightly lid it. For 11 days, keep it under Sun on a wooden base.
  • If you are happy, then the Mars planet will be strong too.
  • If you are a man, you should eat less cooked okra without seeds for your semen. It will make that more fertile for the strong child you in the future.
  • You will get a strong baby if you use the babool to clean your tooth. The babool increases strength in the body.
  • Getting air and pitta in the body will remove if you will drink the juice of amla.
  • To get the baby like laddu Gopal, you have to chant the Santana Gopal mantra regularly, and you should also do the path of caravans pain.
  • For the best result, you should have to worship your ishta god regularly.

Remedy For Miscarriage In Astrology

Remedy For Miscarriage In Astrology, Firstly, no woman can endure if she had a miscarriage because she was lived happy and emotionally touch with her child in the womb. It is the best moment in the life of every woman when she gets pregnant. But due to some incidents, some women lose their unborn baby in a second.

It hurts them a lot after losing the child, but you can get the solution of avoiding miscarriage through astrology remedies. The remedy for miscarriage in astrology is the best way to avoid miscarriage. These remedies will control the unborn baby for safety and remove every obstacle from the child.

Generally, you should keep your heart pure and caring because god always treats everyone as per their deeds. Your deed includes in your child matter too. Astrology remedies help you in every situation. Following are the remedy for miscarriage in astrology mentioned below.

  • You have to tie the red color thread on your waist or right arm after taking the blessings of Lord Ganesha by visiting the temple with your husband. For 18 months, you have to tie that thread on your baby’s right arm after delivery and drown that in flowing water.
  • Drink the amla juice regularly to get rid of pitta dosh. You have to do this method on no moon days and Saturdays—worship to your ishta. Wear stream yantra and bichhoo ghaas around the neck. This remedy will remove santaan-dosh.
  • Keep two vessels and fill it with milk and Khansari sugar, and cover the vessels with the cloth. Pregnant women should touch that and keep it at home till the delivery. Afterward, donates that to the temple.

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